Black ants, Brown ants, and the White Footed house ant are fairly common sights among suburban homes. They are, however not welcome within our homes due to the diseases they carry.

Quite often, due to their small size, ants are often overlooked as the source of infections or disease. People look to flies or cockroaches as the source. Generally regarded as a nuisance, these ants may carry on their bodies or within their digestive tracts such organisms as those causing dysentery, and even smallpox.

This is not hard to imagine, when you think about the nature of ants and their foraging habits and habitats. Found one day dining on dog faeces, the next day in your garbage bin, they are hardly welcome within your kitchen.

Fire Ants are probably the most serious ant pest in the world. Golden to reddish brown and only 2 to 6 mm in length, their stings leave blisters then pustules. Deaths have occurred from multiple stings.  Report suspected sightings of these ants to us immediately.

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