Bird Lice

Bird lice, or more correctly, mites are commonly associated with pigeons, sparrows and starlings. They are a blood sucking parasite living off these pest birds and become a problem when they are unable to find food once they are separated from their hosts. They are 0.5mm to 1mm in length and a grey/yellow colour except after feeding when they turn red.

The pest birds build nests typically in eaves and in roof voids if they can find an entry point bringing the mites with them.  When the birds leave their nest permanently, get trapped in wall cavities or roof voids or die, the mites leave the nest in search of a new host and unfortunately that is us or our pets. 

Their route of travel is usually down wall cavities and through ventilators into bedrooms.  They attack humans leaving an itchy rash which can become a secondary infection after scratching.  They can only survive two to three weeks without a feed from their usual host.  If you’re having a problem with bird lice and the whole family are itchy and scratching contact Rebel Pest Professionals to resolve your problem.

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