Catch and Release of Possums

Did you know most possums are protected species. Are possums using your roof void for their home and keeping you and your family awake at night?  Did you know possums are highly territorial.

This means they like to live in the same area all their lives and compete for space with other possums.  Possums are threatened by domestic and feral animals and are highly protective of their young.

National Parks and Wildlife have specific rulings about the catch & release of possums, and operators must be licensed accordingly, of which rebel Pest Professionals are. In urban areas a possum must be released on the property on which it was trapped.

In rural areas a possum must be released no more than 150 metres from the point of capture.  We have lots of tips for you to help deter possums from your home, to building a possum house to relocate it from your roof void to a nice tree in the back yard.


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