The fleas found in and around our homes and on our pets are often referred to as “Cat Fleas” or “Sand Fleas” – although if you have ever gone on holiday with your pet, and been ‘eaten alive’ by fleas on your return, you could be excused for thinking of them as “Human Fleas”

Adult fleas can live for months without a host (meal of blood) and can live for up to 1.5 years, during which time they can lay hundreds of eggs. Flea pupa in their cocoons, can lay dormant for more than a year.

Summer is the ideal breeding season for fleas, and the larvae feed on human and animal material such as discarded flakes of dead skin and other organic materials. They hide in carpets, bedding, building and furniture cracks and crevices, soil and areas where pets are housed.

You could try to remove the flea problem from your home by energetic and careful application of a good vacuum cleaner. Every nook, cranny and crevice must be vacuumed, with attention given to every room in the house, including pet areas.

A less energetic method of flea removal is to give us a call to do it for you.
We know the problem areas and can advise you on steps to take before we arrive to ensure that fleas will not re-infest your home.

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