Funnel Web Spiders


The Sydney Funnel-web Spider (Atrax robustus) is one of 36 species of funnel-web spiders in Australia. Funnel-web spiders prefer moist cool habitats and are found in the south eastern regions of Australia. They live in silk lined burrows and crevices. Their hideouts can easily be identified by the characteristic trip lines radiating from the entrance of the burrow.

The Sydney Funnel-web Spider is mostly found within a radius of 160km from Sydney. (There have been occasional sightings a bit further away.) It is large (up to 4.5cm for just the body), black, aggressive, and has powerful fangs. The males often wander into houses, especially in summer and autumn, on their search for females. It’s the time when most Funnel-web Spider bites happen.


The female Sydney Funnel Web spider has a shiny back and is black to brown in colour and does not roam as much as the male. Female Sydney Funnel Web spiders are less toxic than the males and spinneret segments get longer to thinner.

The male Sydney Funnel Web spider has a shiny back, dark black to brown in colour with short palps. Note a prominent spur on each of the second walking legs. They are six times more venomous than the female and are wanderers.

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