Spiders in the garden eating tiny insects and bugs are doing you a service, however when they take up residence in and around your home they may pose a serious threat to adults, children and pets.

Expert web spinners, spiders have been known to travel many kilometers by being blown to new locations via wind. They ‘parachute’ onto surfaces and take up residence, right alongside humans.

It can seem like a never ending job keeping up with spider and web removal.

Most active in the summer months, spiders are out and about in the evenings and nights, at the same time we humans are outside enjoying the cool night air, and are sleeping with less bed linen than usual.

Rebel Pest Professionals can save you hours of work by spraying the outside of your home and structures, as well as dusting the roof space and other places where spiders like to make their home.

3 main types of spiders

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