Found Termites in Your Home?

If you have found or suspect termite activity in your home, it is most important not to disturb the area. Most people panic and some even spray with a common household aerosol, DO NOT DO THIS. It is also important to leave the suspected area alone. What you should do? Read More…

Buying a New Home?

You have found the home of your dreams, negotiated on price and are about to Exchange Contracts. STOP IMMEDIATELY – before you sign on the dotted line, did you get two inspections reports carried out? A Building Inspection report from a licensed a Building Inspector. Read More…

Building Your Home?

Any new buildings must have some form of termite protection in place as per Australian Standard AS3660.1-2000. At Rebel Pest Professionals we provide several options and highly recommend the HomeGuard Precision Termite Management system. Read More…

Renovating your Home?

All extensions must have some form of termite protection in place. Just like building a new home, extensions must comply with council regulations regarding termite protection. If Termite Management Systems are not installed correctly termites may enter and destroy your home. Read More…

Termites are not an imported species, but occur naturally throughout Australia, although only a few species are a serious threat to buildings because they eat wood and any material containing cellulose plant fibre.

This means materials such as cardboard and old untreated off cuts of wood left lying around are irresistible to termites. If left untreated, termites can damage the strength and look of your home or building, causing costly repairs, especially if you had intended to sell your property.

Termite nests are usually beneath the surface of the soil as they need moisture to survive, and their point of entry into your home or building can go unnoticed.

Even the most serious structural damage may take a long time to become visible.

If you suspect you do have a termite infestation, don’t panic.

Firstly and most importantly, do not disturb the suspect area as you may scare them off and they may resurface elsewhere in your home.

Secondly, contact Rebel Pest Professionals to schedule a full visual termite inspection of your property. This is essential to determine the species and subsequent treatment options available. There are control methods and treatments that can help maintain and manage your pest problem which include chemical barriers, above ground bait stations, in ground bait stations to name a few.

Remember, termites can access your home and furniture via a tiny crack in cement or brickwork. Our professional operators can detect signs of their presence long before untrained operators. We strongly recommend annual termite inspections of your valued home.

Rebel Pest Professionals are the leading termite specialists in the Hunter. Our operators are intensively trained and incredibly thorough with home inspections. We understand how valuable your home is and together with you we want to protect your asset and family.

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