Building a New Home?

Any new buildings must have some form of termite protection in place as per Australian Standard AS3660.1-2000.

At Rebel Pest Professionals we provide several options being – full underslab sprays, perimeter sprays for pre-construction and highly recommend the HomeGuard Precision Termite Management system.

If Termite Management Systems are not installed correctly to manufacturers’ installation specifications or is damage during the construction process, termites may enter and destroy your new home resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

We focus on communicating with our builders to ensure our respective clients have the peace of mind of the best termite protection possible on the biggest investment they will ever make – their new home.

The HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System combines the best of both barrier systems in a single, easy to use, polymer matrix. By incorporating the APVMA(Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) registered active ingredient of the leading pre-construction termiticide in the traditional moisture membrane and DPC material.

HomeGuard gives builders, designers and home owners a proactive termite barrier system that will effectively STOP termites entering the building by KILLING them on contact or REPELLING them away from the home.

Being unscheduled and non-sensitising, HomeGuard meets all health and safety requirements and is environmentally friendly. Using materials common to normal construction practices, this Australian made product is quick and easy to install. Additionally, HomeGuard can be used as a standalone system or in combination with other management systems.

The HomeGuard system has the credibility of being the first ever APVMA registered physical barrier in Australia, proof that it really works, backed by a 25 year limited and conditional warranty.

The product is designed to last the life of the building. The Manufacturer’s, FMC are so confident in their product they offer a $1,000,000 warranty. For further information, please click on the link.

Rebel Pest Professionals believes that HomeGuard is the best termite management system in the market place, the easiest product to install, the safest product to use and we have the best licensed installers in the Hunter Region.

So if you are looking for a termite management system that is cost effective, safe, quick and carried out by the best licenced installers in the Hunter Region, then what are you waiting for – call Rebel Pest Professionals now ….

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