Food Safety

Food Safety for Your Business

Business Impact of Food Safety

Every year there are dozens of reported cases of businesses suffering the indignity and embarrassment — and the costly economic impacts — of pest infestations.
From a restaurant whose business was suspended after the discovery of a cockroach infestation, to a food retail store forced to close for a period due to inadequate mice prevention measures, which caused an infestation and contamination of food — businesses dealing with food have to be constantly on their guard.

Food Safety Insights

A key factor to consider in the response to pest infestation is whether or not a business operates in an industry that is subject to food safety and hygiene legislation requiring pest control.
Where food is a core part of the business (food retailing, food manufacturing, distributing food and beverages) and/or where the business is public-facing, the need for proactive pest control measures is a higher priority, and is subject to food safety and hygiene legislation, regulated by national governments and auditing bodies linked to the industries themselves.

Food-borne Illnesses

Food-borne illnesses are a common, yet preventable, public health problem across the globe. Poor hand hygiene and food preparation practices as well as pests, present a big threat to food safety along the entire supply chain, leading to serious problems for both individuals and to business operations.

Innovation for Food Safety

Rebel Pest Professionals Expert Technicians offer best in class products and solutions that underpin their knowledge and advice.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes are supported by pest awareness training for employees and staff, to help recognise early pest activity and online tools to monitor and track pest activity reports support business in audit compliance.