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Ant Control

Due to their small size, ants are often overlooked as the source of infections or disease. However, if you’ve ever had ants in your home before you’ll know what a nuisance they can be. Found one day dining on dog poo, the next day in your garbage bin – if you have an ant problem, you need ant pest control.

And we can help, getting rid of your ant infestation with effective treatment. Contact Rebel Pest Professionals today!

Types of Ants In NSW

Most ants prefer sunny climates so Newcastle and surrounding areas are a breeding ground for ants. Here’s some of the species you may need our ant pest control services for.

Signs of an Ant Infestation

Ants in large numbers

If you notice a large number of ants, there’s usually a nest nearby.


Depending on the species, ants can nest indoors and outside. Indoor nests can be hidden behind walls or floor cavities. Outside, they will look like a mound in the dirt or next to objects.


Trails of ants running in a single file usually indicates a trail from a food source to the ant nest.


Ants will get into everything, not even the dog food is safe! Leaving food out, using unsealed containers, or leaving packages open is a big no-no.

Pavement damage

Some ant species remove soil from underneath concrete or brick paving. Over time, this can lead to the pavement cracking or subsiding.

Plant damage

Ants can nest at the base of small trees and shrubs. Eventually, they’ll overpower and uproot the plant.

How To Prevent an Ant Infestation

Clean off sticky residue on benches

Ants are attracted to sweet things. Clean the bench thoroughly every night, making sure to remove anything of the kind.

Cover up and seal food

As we said above, ants will get into everything. Cover up and seal all food, especially the things they are attracted to.

Track them down

If you can, track them down and find where they are coming from. Try to seal any entry points if possible.

How to Get Rid of Ants:

Our Ant Control Process

  1. A pre-work assessment will be conducted over the phone. When you call us, we’ll ask about your property and your specific needs, suggesting treatment options, risks and instructions on what to do prior to our visit.
  2. A further on-site assessment will be conducted by our expert technicians on the day of the treatment. Ant treatments are most effective when they are specific to the location, so please advise the technicians on where you have seen the ants or nest.
  3. The most effective treatment is to inject insecticide directly into the nest site. We may also use ant gel, granule baiting products or dust as well.
  4. If the area treated is accessible by children or pets, we will use lockable ant cafes instead. You can move these around your home safely to keep those ants at bay.

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