Buying a New Home

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Buying a New Home

Reports To Get When You’re Buying a New Home

You have found the home of your dreams, negotiated a price and are about to Exchange Contracts.

STOP IMMEDIATELY before you sign on the dotted line and it’s too late to back out.

Did you get two inspections reports carried out ? A Building Inspection report from a  licensed a Building Inspector and a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Report from a licensed Pest Operator.

Why two reports? Firstly, a Building Inspector is not a licensed Pest Technician, yet more and more Building Inspectors are now offering both services for a “special low price”. Secondly, by have two independent reports, you will be able cross check them in moisture readings and possible termite activity.

We all know what scares us the most and costs us the most when we are buying an existing home and that’s active termites and termite damage.

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Termite Activity and Water Leaks

Moisture Readings are one of the tell-tale signs of possible termite activity in a home. Our Licensed technicians read the moisture levels between every stud in a wall (no more than 600mm), unlike others who may only read from 2-3 locations on a wall, so we can be incredibly confident in the results of our Inspection Reports.

What is a Pre Purchase Pest Inspection ?

Our Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections are carried out to Australian Standard 4349.3 – 2010. Timing is critical when buying a home and we endeavour to gain access to the property at the first available opportunity. We call you to advise the scheduled time and date arranged for the inspection.

Our Licensed Technicians will gain access to the roof void, subfloor and inspect all internal areas of the home and incorporate the use of moisture meters on walls. They will also inspect the exterior of the home and surround grounds and outbuildings. The site report is then converted to paper form and we advise you it is ready to be released on receipt of payment.  We then email a copy of the report to you with a hard copy sent via mail.

Like all legal documents sometimes if can be hard to interpret the outcomes, so at Rebel Pest Professionals we strongly encourage our customers to call us if they have any questions or queries resulting from the report.

If the report highlights possible signs of activity (high moisture) with no visible indicators of termite activity, you may wish to request a more invasive follow up inspection. This style of inspection requires approval from the Vendors as it may involve lifting carpet, removing skirting boards and or drilling small holes into walls.

Thermal Imaging

For a more invasive inspection, we use either a thermal imagining machine and or a borescope. The aim of Thermal Imaging Inspection is to provide a more accurate inspection, particularly if the home has had previous termite activity.

The Thermal Imaging camera picks up higher temperatures in areas we can’t see, for example, wall cavities, underneath insulation, low crawl space in roof voids, floorboards concealed by carpets, to name a few.  If high temperature is picked up incorporating the use of the Thermal Imaging Camera, the technician is then able to remove a section of insulation or request approval from the Vendor  to drill holes in walls to further investigate the suspect area, hence providing the Purchaser with a thorough inspection.


The main purpose for the borescope is to visually see behind wall cavities and inaccessible areas.  A small hole is drilled into the wall or ceiling and the scope is inserted with a small camera on the end.  The borescope has a screen which shows what is behind the wall or ceiling. The enables the technician to look for signs of mud packing and or mud leads.

The mud leads can be broken open to see if they are active with live termites or not.  Once again this invasive inspection is normally only carried out on structures where previous termite activity has occurred.

So, now you know why it is important to make sure you get a Qualified and Licenced Pest Operator to carry out a Pre Purchase Pest Inspection independently to a Building Inspection.

And if you want the most comprehensive and thorough Inspection Report done for your peace of mind, call Rebel Pest Professionals immediately on 49568727 or contact us to book in now.