Found Termites in Your Home?

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Found Termites in Your Home?

Termite Activity in Your Home

If you have found or suspect termite activity in your home, it is most important not to disturb the area.

Most people panic and some even spray with a common household aerosol, DO NOT DO THIS.  Termites shy away when their mud leads have been disturbed which can make it difficult to find them in another location.  It is also important to leave the suspected area alone as this will enable the technician to fully investigate what type of termites they are and then the best form of treatment.

What you should do then?

Once termite activity is found, leave the area untouched and call Rebel Pest Professionals to carry out a full visual termite inspection in accordance with Australian Standard 3660.2-2000 of your home and yard. Once the inspection is carried out, our licenced operators are able to advise what type of termites have been located and where.

Again as per Australian Standards 3660.2-200, all operators must give you a written proposal listing alternative treatment options for your review and approval. These treatment options can range from a dusting, to individual baiting to a full inground interception and baiting system.

Depending on your chosen treatment option, we will book a suitable time to carry out the works. All treatment options generally allow for a number of follow up checks as well.

We strongly recommend ongoing annual termite inspections to ensure your home is safe from termites. There are also a number of ways you can  minimise the risk of attack by carrying out these simple measures – keeping your gutters  clear, downpipes all connected to proper drainage, keeping weep holes clear, keeping concrete slabs exposed, ensure hot water service and air conditioning overflow pipes are plumbed to a drain or plumbed away from the structure.

So, you know what to do if you find those nasty little termites eating your home

  1. Stay Calm
  2. Don’t Touch them
  3. Call Rebel Pest Professionals now on 49568727 and book in a termite inspection