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Catch and Release of Possums

Possums are a protected species in Australia. National Parks and Wildlife have specific rulings about the catch and release of possums. Operators must be licensed and in urban areas a possum must be released on the property on which it was trapped. In rural areas a possum must be released no more than 150 metres from the point of capture.

Possum will use your roof void for their home, keeping you and your family awake at night. Possums are highly territorial and protective of their young meaning they like to live in the same area for all their lives. They will compete for space and protection with those that threaten them including other possums, domestic and feral animals.

We have lots of tips for you to help deter possums from your home, to building a possum house to relocate it from your roof void to a nice tree in the back yard.

If you need our help to Catch and Release, contact us or call Rebel Pest Professionals on 49568727.

How to prevent Possums from entering you Property

Here are some tips to help secure your property from Possum entry:

  • Check for loose roofing/guttering – Check your roof sheeting or roof tiles are firmly fixed and cannot be lifted. Check guttering is connected correctly.
  • Look for loose eaves/weatherboards – Ensure all eaves and weatherboards are firming fixed in place with no holes or access spaces.
  • Check sub floor for entry – Check for possum droppings in sub floor and around walls and seal off any entry points.
  • Build a Possum House – at your local hardware store are kits to make possum houses to mount in back yard trees. Place a food source to attract the Possum and continue every day for a few weeks for Possum to relocate.