Termite Warranty

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Termite Warranty

Rebel Pest Professionals can offer you’re a Termite Protection Warranty that is suitable for your property. The warranty provides for the replacement of structural timbers in your home, which have been damaged by termites. If you want to avoid the risk of expensive repair bills for termite damage, then a termite service offered with warranty is critical. This warranty will provide you peace of mind against potentially expensive termite repair bills. It can also be transferred to future owners of the home.

How to Become Eligible

Your property may be eligible for Termite Protection Warranty after Rebel Pest Professionals has:

  1. Completed a baiting program and/or termite treatments to either new and existing properties; or
  2. Completed two consecutive, annual termite inspections where no termite activity has been detected (subject to further criteria)

If termite activity is found, you will be provided with recommendations for the most appropriate termite treatments.

Terms & Conditions apply. For more information call Rebel Pest Professionals on 49568727 or contact us now.

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