Wood Borers

Wood Borer Beatles

Wood borer is a term that covers many types of wood boring beetles.

Here are some facts about Wood Borers:

  • Adult beetles lay their eggs in cracks in wood. Indoor areas such as floorboards, furniture, wooden beams/trusses can be comprised.
  • Larvae burrow deep into the wood where they feed creating tunnels within the timber over many years.

If you have Wood Borers present in your property they can seriously weaken the structural timbers and safety of your property.

Think you might need professional advice, call Rebel Pest Professionals on 49568727 to arrange an appointment.

One of our Pest Experts will carry out a thorough inspection, assessing the extent of any problem, the type of Wood Borer involved and determined if the infestation is active, and recommended the most appropriate treatment.

Signs of Wood Borer

  • Bore dust – (also known as frass) caused by emerging adult beetles, usually visible below the infested timber.
  • Weak and damaged floorboards – in extreme cases, a foot or chair leg going through the floor can indicate a more serious problem.
  • Crumbling wood – around corners or edges to roof joists or floorboards.
  • Fresh exit holes in timber – round or oval shaped with sharp edges, the holes will appear clean and fresh.
  • Dead beetles – usually found near the infested timber or around nearby windowsills.
  • Adult beetles – emerge from timbers between May and October.
  • Wood Borer larvae – usually a creamy-white colour and curved in shape.

If you have seen any of these signs call Rebel pest Professionals now on 49568727 or contact us to book an inspection.