Termite Treatment

We exterminate 11 pests in 1 treatment

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So you have found out your property has active termites feasting away

You need a Termite Expert that you can trust to carry out a full termite inspection to determine where termites are active and to give you the best treatment options that will fit in within your financial needs. Rebel Pest Professionals termite treatment plans are tailored specifically for your particular needs.

Did you know a termite colony can consume 5g of wood per day. Whilst that doesn’t seem like a lot, undetected, your property will be in significant danger.

Do you think you have Termites?

Don’t disturb them and don’t waste time – call Rebel Pest Professionals now on 46568727 or contact us to book in a termite inspection.

Effective Termite Treatments

Rebel Pest Professionals Termite Treatment Plans are the best way to take action against a termite activity. Our Termite Expert will recommend a specific solution that best suits your individual situation.

In-Ground Termite Interception System

The best treatment and preventative system to ensure the safety of your property for a long time, when termites are nesting underground.

This plan is a form of prevention and treatment. It involves the use of unobtrusive termite bait stations, which are placed around the perimeter in the ground of your property to detect termites.

Your Termite Expert will routinely monitor these stations for termite activity and when detected, bait is added to the system.

The termite workers consume the bait and take it back to the nest sharing it with other colony members therefore eliminating the colony.

Any increased termite activity means that our Termite Expert will automatically increase their visits to ensure optimum protection to your property.


Rebel Pest Professionals In-Ground Termite Monitoring solution includes –

  • an annual termite inspection
  • monthly monitoring of bait stations
  • Installation an monitoring of Above Ground Baits on termite leads found within your home or building until eliminated
  • rebaiting of stations as required
  • reports provided after every visit to advise status of stations/system

What you need to know:

  • Installation of in-ground monitoring and baiting stations may require holes to be core drilled in concrete and paving.
  • You may be eligible for the Rebel Pest Professionals Termite Warranty. Ask your Termite Expert how you can be covered against further termite damage.

Above Ground Baiting

The next best treatment after an In-Ground Termite Interception System, when termites are nesting underground.

Above ground bait stations are placed on termite activity within the property or other structures. The termites consume the bait and take it back to the nest, therefore infecting and eliminating the colony.

The bait inside the stations is highly attractive to termites but safe to pets and children.

What you need to know:

  • The baiting stations are placed directly at the location of termite activity. This may be within your property, on a wall, subfloor, roof void or in the garden.
  • You may be eligible for the Rebel Pest Professionals Termite Warranty. Ask your Termite Expert how you can be covered against further termite damage.


Commonly used when a termite nest is located above ground – commonly in trees, on fence posts or timber piles. There are a variety of methods of treatment depending on termite species found.