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13 Pest Prevention Tips for homes and businesses

Prevention is always better than cure, and that’s certainly true for pest control. After all who wants a pest infestation?!

Reducing the chances of developing a pest problem comes down to making your home or business less attractive to pests – remove sources of food and moisture and eliminating places for pests to shelter.

The actions you can take fall into 5 general areas:

  • Ensure good hygiene practices
  • Eliminate sources of moisture
  • Prevent easy access to potential food
  • Reduce places for pests to shelter
  • Prevent pests from entering the building

Good hygiene practices

Garbage bins
Garbage bins with well fitted lids help keep pests out
  1. Ensure garbage is placed in bins with tight fitting lids
  2. Clear up food spills
  3. Ensure dirty dishes are cleared away after each meal
  4. Regularly vacuum, especially under heavy furniture

Prevent easy access to potential food

Pet food bowls
Leaving pet food out attracts pests
  1. Place food from opened packets into sealed containers
  2. Don’t leave pet food out

Eliminate sources of moisture

Watering systems adjacent to the house make it attractive to termites and other pests
Watering systems around the home perimeter create ideal conditions for pests
  1. Fix dripping taps & leaks
  2. Ensure good drainage around and under the building
  3. Avoid watering garden beds adjacent to the building

Reduce places for pests to shelter

Stored good in sub-floor provide great pest hiding places
Avoid storing good under the house
  1. Avoid storing boxes and goods under the house and in the roof void
  2. Trim back garden beds adjacent to the building

Prevent pests from entering building

Insect screens are useful for prevent pest entry
Well fitted screens are great for preventing pest entry
  1. Ensure insects screens are well fitted
  2. Fill any cracks and crevices
  3. Trim back any branches that overhang the roof

If you can carry out as many of these actions as possible, it will minimise the chances of a pest infestation and maximise the performance of any pest treatment.

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