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Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying they can carry a range of debilitating diseases in Australia such as Ross River fever, Japanese encephalitis and up north, the occasional outbreak of Dengue fever.

Although the risk of disease should be taken seriously, for most homeowners and business owners, keeping mosquitoes at bay is about enjoying outdoor areas.

But of course, trying to get on top of a major mosquito problem can be a challenge – the sheer numbers can be overwhelming!

Reclaim your outdoor areas with a professional mosquito control program from Rebel Pest Professionals.

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CALL (02) 4956 8727

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There are two main elements to a successful mosquito control program:

  1. Eliminate or treat mosquito breeding sites
  2. Create a mosquito interception zone

Eliminate mosquito breeding sites

Many species of mosquito breed in transient water bodies – puddles, plant pots, blocked gutters, old tyres, etc. These same mosquito species are generally poor flyers. As such, if you can eliminate these mosquito breeding sites on your property you can significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property. Any mosquitoes arriving from neighbouring properties would be taken care of with the mosquito interception zone.

Treat mosquito breeding sites

Sometimes water bodies can’t be eliminated or you don’t want them removed, such as water features. Rebel Pest Professionals can treat these water bodies with a special insecticide call an insect growth regulator, which prevents any mosquito eggs or larvae developing.

Council uses these same chemicals to treat large bodies of water to reduce the number of saltwater mosquitoes around urban areas.

Mosquito interception zone

Creating a mosquito interception zone is a scientifically proven method of significantly reducing mosquito populations. Whereas no treatment can deliver elimination of 100% of mosquitoes, a well applied mosquito interception zone will reduce mosquito populations for up to 90% for up to 3 months.

Using either fogger or spray applicator, insecticide is applied to all the surfaces around the property, where mosquitoes are likely to rest. This includes underside of large leaves, along fence lines, under outdoor furniture, around pergolas and decks, any sheltered areas where adult mosquitoes are likely to rest during the day. It is called an interception zone, as it targets mosquitoes as they fly onto the property.

Safety concerns?

We will always discuss any safety concerns you may have before carrying out a treatment. When we carry out a spray treatment, it will be necessary to keep children and pets out of the area until the treatment is dry. We always choose the products with the best safety and environmental profile. For the interception zone insecticides it is necessary to cover any ponds prior to application. We also minimise the chance of bees coming into contact with the insecticide as we don’t apply on or near flowering plants, and the mosquito resting areas we target are not the areas where bees would normally rest.

What to expect from our mosquito treatments?

Our mosquito treatments will have an instant impact on the mosquito population and it should remain supressed at low levels for several weeks. Our treatments cannot guarantee 100% elimination, but are design to make your outdoor areas liveable. The frequency of retreatment depends on the level of mosquito pressure in your area. For many homeowners one or two treatments will be enough to last the summer, but more frequent applications may be required in residential areas of high mosquito pressure. For commercial / hospitality customers, monthly treatments may be desirable.

What Our Customers Say

CALL (02) 4956 8727
CALL (02) 4956 8727

What are the signs of a mosquito problem?

Homeowners and business near significant water bodies and estuarine areas know they will have an ongoing battle with mosquitoes during the warmer month. For the less suspecting, they will know when they have a mosquito problem, when they see or hear them. 

However, most people should expect a mosquito problem to develop during an extended period of wet weather. With mosquitoes taking around 2 weeks to develop from egg to adult, during an extended period of rain which allows the transient egg laying sites to develop, the mosquito numbers will jump around 2 weeks after the start of the rains.

How to prevent a mosquito infestation?

Preventing a mosquito problem is all about controlling the mosquito population around buildings:
Eliminate mosquito breeding sites
Treat any mosquito breeding sites that can’t be eliminated
Book a professional mosquito treatment to significantly reduce adult mosquito populations
Ensure well fitted insect screens on windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes getting inside
As no treatment can deliver 100% elimination of mosquitoes, when you’re out and about at home or in the bush there are some additional tips to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes:
When possible wear long sleeves shirts and long trousers
Apply a personal insect repellent (DEET or picaridin) to exposed skin
Consider using area repellents for entertaining areas (e.g. mosquito coils)
CALL (02) 4956 8727
CALL (02) 4956 8727

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