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Termite Control

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Termite Control – Newcastle and Hunter Valley

Comprehensive termite control services for Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

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Termites, sometimes incorrectly called “white ants” (as they are not ants at all), cause more damage than fire, flood and natural disaster combined, yet termite damage is not covered by your general home insurance.

There are four key elements to protect your home from termites:

  1. Termite protection measures installed at the time of construction
  2. Annual termite inspections
  3. Installation of termite management systems where the original termite protection measures installed during construction are no longer sufficient
  4. Ensuring conditions around your home are not attractive to termites

Of course if you’re going to buy a home, you must get a pre-purchase timber pest inspection before buying or bidding at an auction so check if the home is free of termites, borers and timber decay and whether there are any issues that may make your potential purchase vulnerable to termite attack.

Rebel Pest Professionals have over 25 years termite management experience, with local knowledge of the Newcastle and Hunter area. We are fully licensed and insured to provide a full range of termite protections services: termite inspections, termite treatments, termite protection and pre-purchase timber pest inspections.

Protect your most valuable asset and give the termite specialists at Rebel Pest Professionals a call.

Found termites in your home?

Finding termites can be a worrying experience. Many people will panic and start digging away at the suspect area or spraying the area with an aerosol. This is understandable, but completely the wrong thing to do.

For our termite specialists to identify the termite present, the nature of the problem and get elimination as quickly as possible, we actually need the termites to be present, just doing their thing!

If you dig around where they are active, you will often scare them away from the area, causing them to re-appear in an unknown area and therefore harder to locate and control.

Spraying them with insecticide will kill the termites you hit, but it won’t kill the nest and will repel other termites from the immediate area. Again, the result is that they will re-appear elsewhere where you cannot see them.

Remember, if you do have termites they will probably have been there for a while and although they can cause a lot of damage, it takes months for significant damage to occur – so one or two days before we arrive to help is not going to result in any additional damage. Just leave the suspect area alone (however tempting it may be to have another look) and give us a call.


If you think you have found termites or termite activity…

  • Don’t disturb them after the initial discovery
  • Don’t spray them with insecticides
  • Don’t be tempted to break open wood / mud tubes

All these activities can make them more difficult to control.

Just give us a call…