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Clothes moths are an annoying, hard to spot and difficult to treat pest, and can cause significant damage to clothing and fabrics.

Homeowners often struggle to get on top on a clothes moth problem as they don’t get rid of all the larvae and eggs. It’s important to know where to look, what products to use and how to carry out a complete treatment.

Rebel Pest Professionals have the necessary experience and take our time to carry out a comprehensive clothes moth treatment to eliminate clothes moth infestations and protect your clothes.

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CALL (02) 4956 8727
CALL (02) 4956 8727

How we get rid of clothes moths > Professional Clothes Moths Treatments

  • Locate all sites of infestation
  • Remove all clothes from wardrobes and other infested areas
  • Treat clothes to kill any clothes moth eggs and larvae
  • Treat wardrobes and infested areas with insecticide spray
  • Spray any adult moths disturbed during the treatment

As with all our pest treatments we start with a thorough inspection to fully understand the nature of the problem. Finding all the locations where the clothes moths are hiding is important to ensure we eliminate the problem.

Once we have determined all the infestation sites, it is important to empty all the wardrobes and cupboards and treat all clothes, not just the clothes with obvious damage. This is important as the larvae and especially the eggs can be hard to spot. 

Heat can be used to kill the eggs and larvae. Clothes can be washed in a hot wash and tumble dried (if the fabric allows) or placed into black plastic bags, sealed and left in the sun for a couple of hours.

All the wardrobes will then be treated with a water-based spray to kill any eggs and larvae present and leave a residue for long lasting protection.

We will spray any adults we see during the treatment and clothes moth repellent and traps can be used to prevent new adult clothes moths flying in to cause a problem.

What to expect from our clothes moth treatments?

As long as we can access all wardrobes and drawers, and clothes are removed and heat treated, the cloths moth infestation will be eliminated in one treatment.

What Our Customers Say

CALL (02) 4956 8727
CALL (02) 4956 8727

What do clothes moths look like?

  • There are several species of clothes moth, the two most common species are the case-making clothes moth and the webbing clothes moth.
  • The names of the clothes moths come from describing the larvae:
    • Case-making clothes moth larvae build a case from silk which gets covered in droppings and pieces of fabric. The case protects the larvae as it moves around and feeds, making it difficult to spot
    • Webbing clothes moth larva tend to build a network of silk and feed underneath. They can be easier to spot.
  • Adult clothes moths are creamy coloured / brown moths. They are poor flyers and will crawl / fly from resting areas when disturbed.

What are the signs of a clothes moth problem?

  • Clothes moths tend to leave small irregular holes, sometimes clustered together, in clothes and other fabrics, in dark, undisturbed areas.
  • It’s the larvae that do all the damage – They feed on animal-based materials such as wool, silk, leather, fur and feathers.
  • Adult moths are often only found when disturbed and tend to stay near to where they have laid their eggs and the larvae are feeding.

How to prevent a clothes moth infestation?

Regularly vacuum carpeted areas, especially areas under and behind heavy furniture. (Inspect these areas for insect activity).
Wash woollens and other animal fabrics at the end of each season and store in sealed bags.
As clothes moths are poor flyers, the adult moths or their eggs / larvae are often brought into the house inadvertently on clothes or fabrics, so check any incoming clothes.
The use of cloth repellent products or traps in wardrobes can protect clothes from any adult moths that get brought in by accident.
CALL (02) 4956 8727
CALL (02) 4956 8727

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