Flies Pest Control

Flies Pest Control
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Houseflies are more than just a nuisance, they are known to carry a wide range of diseases including a number of gastro illnesses including Salmonella and dysentery. So it makes sense to keep them out of your home and away from entertainment areas.

But houseflies aren’t the only pest fly that are a nuisance in homes and businesses – the  vinegar or fermentation fly (found in kitchens) and drain fly are both very annoying and challenging to control.

Rebel Pest Professionals can carry out professional fly treatment programs and develop a fly management program to keep your home or business, fly-free.

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CALL (02) 4956 8727

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There are three main elements to a successful fly control program:

  1. Eliminate or treat fly breeding sites
  2. Carry out fly treatment to eliminate flies and larvae already present
  3. Apply treatments, fly traps or fly zappers to control new flies entering the area

Eliminate fly breeding sites

All fly problems occur because there are suitable fly breeding sites in or around the building. Although houseflies, vinegar flies (fermentation flies) and drain flies breed in different locations in different materials, most of these fly breeding sites can be solved with improved hygiene practices. Full details on eliminating these fly breeding sites can be found in the “How to Prevent a Fly Infestation” section below.

Fly control treatments

Housefly treatments:

If conditions allow, for indoor treatments we can carry out a space spray / fog rooms where there are significant fly numbers. Treating indoor surfaces where flies rest will deal with flies when they land. We will also treat garbage areas, both inside and outside.

For outdoor fly problems which cannot be reduced by eliminating breeding sites (eg. flies may be coming from neighbouring properties), treating the outdoor surfaces of buildings where flies rest, can help reduce the population.

Otherwise it will be necessary to implement the fly prevention treatments to bring the fly numbers down over time (hours to days).

Vinegar fly and drain fly infestations are best dealt with by eliminating the breeding sites

Fly prevention treatments

Preventing houseflies entering a room or building can be best achieved by keeping windows and doors closed or by installing well-fitted insect screens. 

However, sometimes it is not possible to keep doors closed, as is the case with many cafes and restaurants. In such situations, in addition to installing insect screens that allow human entry but minimise fly entry, a range of fly prevention treatments can be used to eliminate flies that enter a room or building:

Fly Zappers are a popular choice to eliminate flies. Rebel Pest Professional will help you select the best model for your situation and ensure optimal placement.

Depending on the facility, surface treatments using residual insecticides will eliminate flies that land on the treated surfaces.

There are a variety of fly traps available but as these can be a bit unsightly, their use is best confined to areas where aesthetics in not an issue.

Safety concerns?

We will always discuss any safety concerns you may have before carrying out a treatment. When we carry out a spray treatment, it will be necessary to keep children and pets out of the area until the treatment is dry. We always choose the products with the best safety and environmental profile. 

As many fly problems occur in and around food preparation areas, our fly treatment programs are developed to ensure there is no contamination of food or food preparation surfaces.

What to expect from our fly treatments?

Our fly treatments will get rid of the fly problem, but it will be necessary to carry out the steps to eliminate fly breeding sites and prevent flies entering the property to get maximum control and prevent re-infestation. In commercial accounts, it will be necessary to have an ongoing fly management program to keep fly issues to a minimum and comply with any food establishment regulations.

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CALL (02) 4956 8727
CALL (02) 4956 8727

What are the signs of a fly problem?

Most fly issues are noticed when the adult flies are detected. If the infestation origin is inside, the flies can often appear in significant numbers overnight. This is because eggs from one batch all develop at the same time, so even the eggs from just one female can create an obvious outbreak.

The larvae of drain flies and fermentation flies are pretty small and their breeding sites are well hidden, so they often won’t be seen. However, the larvae or maggots of houseflies are a couple of centimetres long when they are ready to pupate. They can readily be seen in rubbish bags or bins, so keeping an eye on garbage areas is a good idea. When the maggots are ready to pupate they will leave their feeding sites to find somewhere drier to pupate. If the infestation is inside, it is not uncommon to see maggot crawling across the floor.

How to prevent a fly infestation?

Prevention tips, depend on the fly species

Housefly prevention tips

Eliminate housefly breeding sites:

  • Clear up pet poo from the garden
  • Avoid using chicken manure as fertilizers
  • Ensure rubbish is placed in bags, sealed and placed in bins with well-fitted lids

Prevent flies entering the house by having well-fitted insect screens

Vinegar fly prevention tips

Eliminate vinegar fly breeding sites:

  • Throw out old fruit and vegetables before they start to rot
  • Ensure a good hygiene regime
    • Wipe up spills of sweet liquids from cracks and crevices
    • Check under appliances and cupboards for pieces of fruit & veg

Drain fly prevention tips

Eliminate vinegar fly breeding sites:

  • Regularly clean drains to ensure there is no build-up of organic matter
  • Ensure a good hygiene regime to keep bathroom, laundry and toilets clear of spills in cracks and crevices
CALL (02) 4956 8727
CALL (02) 4956 8727

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