Pest Control Maitland

We exterminate 11 pests in 1 treatment

Our spray treatment eliminates up to 11 pests, including spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, earwigs, slaters, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, clothes moths, pantry months, paper wasps, mud wasps and tape wasps.

Pest control and termite services Maitland

Rebel Pest Professionals is locally owned and operated, servicing the Maitland area for over 25 years.

We cover the key areas / suburbs including Aberglasslyn, Bolwarra Heights, East Maitland, Gillieston Heights, Metford and Rutherford.

We deliver personalised and trustworthy pest control services to homes and businesses across the Maitland area.

Our key pest control services in Maitland

Most of our customers have “pest sprays” each year to protect their family and pets from a range of pests, but particularly spiders. As annual termite inspections are a highly recommended for homeowners in Maitland, many of our customers combine their annual termite inspection with a general pest treatment or spider spray to save money. This can provide significant savings when compared to booking the services separately.

We do offer a range of other specialist pest control services (click on a pest below to find out more).

We also offer a range of pest control services to rural and industrial clients, who often benefit from a regular servicing program.

Maitland Climate

Maitland has a sub-tropical climate, with warm year round temperatures and plenty of rainfall. This creates ideal conditions for pest breeding throughout the year, so regular pest control services are needed to keep homes and businesses pest free. Winter temperatures can sometime drop close to freezing, which can drive rodents indoors.

Maitland – Key Pests

Spiders are one of the key pests from spring through to summer and a “spider spray” early in the season should keep them at bay for many months.

Termites are a year round concern for homeowners, but are more active in the warmer months.

Especially in the areas round the Hunter River there can be concerns with mosquitoes and biting midges.

Rodents can be a problem year round, especially in the rural areas. However, all areas tend to be affected during the cooler months as rodents come inside looking for shelter.

Maitland – Key Facts

Maitland is a relatively small council area in terms of numbers with a population of around 80,000. Most of the population is spread along the Pacific Highway between Rutherford and Metford. The City of Maitland is on the shores of the Hunter River and is protected by a levee.

Maitland and its suburbs suffer regular floods, with over 200 floods having occurred since European settlement (1816).

Banner image credit: By Nomad Tales from Australia – Town Hall. Uploaded by berichard, CC BY-SA 2.0

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