We exterminate 11 pests in 1 treatment

Our spray treatment eliminates up to 11 pests, including spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, earwigs, slaters, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, clothes moths, pantry months, paper wasps, mud wasps and tape wasps.

Termites leave signs of their presence and its often the damage they have caused that is seen first rather than the actual termites.

Here are a few common signs of termites that you might see (or hear) around your home or business:

  • Hollow sounding timber – When termites consume timber, they eat from the inside out leaving a thin veneer of timber or paint. When you knock or tap an area that has termite damage, it will sound hollow due to the timber having been eaten away.
  • Vacuum goes through the skirting board – or your hand pressure dents a door jam/architrave. As termites have eaten away the structural integrity of the timber, such as a skirting board, door jam, door or architrave, any pressure placed on them will easily cause damage. Termites also enjoy eating plasterboard walls too.
  • Tight doors or hard to open windows – As termites devour timber, their excrement or ‘mud’ creates a protective environment that traps heat and moisture. This causes timber to swell, making it harder to open a window or close a door.
  • Cracks in the cornice or door jams – As termites eat away the timber in your walls or door jams, it causes a loss in structural integrity and cracks can form. But don’t jump to conclusions as cracks can also be caused by movements in your home due to building defects.
  • Termite mud – Termites construct mud leads (tunnels) to provide themselves with a safe travelling environment to their food source and back to their nest. These mud leads are often hard to see as they will be behind your gyprock and underground. It’s possible to see these mud leads in your home’s subfloor or roof void where is a visual access.

Have you seen these signs?

Call Rebel Pest Professionals immediately on 49568727 to book in a termite inspection.

If we find termites, our experts will discuss with you the best treatment options for your situation. We would encourage you to take a day or so to decide what option will work for you and your finances.