We exterminate 11 pests in 1 treatment

Our spray treatment eliminates up to 11 pests, including spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, earwigs, slaters, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, clothes moths, pantry months, paper wasps, mud wasps and tape wasps.

Protect your business and customers from pests

Commercial Pest Control – Newcastle and Hunter Valley

Established over 25 years ago, Rebel Pest Professionals is a locally owned pest control business providing commercial pest control services to a range of industries across Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Being experienced, fully licensed and insured, we can keep your business pest free and compliant with all necessary regulations.

Whether you need a one off treatment or more likely a regular service program, call the experts at Rebel Pest Professionals today.

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The Industries We Treat

Health and Aged Care Facilities - Pest Control Newcastle

Why choose Rebel Pest Professionals?

  • ‘Zero tolerance’ attitude to pests
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable team
  • Fast response
  • Discreet service
  • Punctual
  • Excellent communication
  • Documentation to ensure compliance
  • Fully licensed and insured

Rebel Pest Professionals invests heavily in a highly experienced and knowledgeable team to maintain ‘zero tolerance’ pest control standards for your business. Rest assured, we understand the sensitivity of a pest infestation in a catering environment and are ready to provide an urgent response and provide effective control solutions with absolute discretion.

We pride ourselves on our punctuality, thoroughness and communication with our clients – all are very important in helping manage their pest problems.

If you are concerned about pests at your workplace, call Rebel Pest Professionals now on 0249568727 to see how we can help you.

Health Care & Aged Care Facilities

We understand that your patients’ health comes first.

Pest control has an important role in preventing secondary infection in hospitals, surgeries and nursing homes. Rebel Pest Professionals has the expertise to deliver the highest level of reassurance against pests, while being sensitive to the special needs of working in a healthcare environment.

Rebel Pest Professionals highly experienced and knowledgeable team will work with you to maintain ‘zero tolerance’ pest control standards for your healthcare centre.

Detailed Appraisal

By their nature, healthcare centres are very busy places. With the amount of movement of people and goods it can be a challenge to prevent mice, rats, flies, cockroaches and ants from entering a building and finding the food and warmth they need to thrive.

In order to provide a proposal, the first step is to undertake an extensive detailed inspection of the premise and operation, so that we can identify any pest issues and areas of vulnerability to pest incursion. This allows us to develop a proposal to protect your site and patients.

Pest Control for Education and Childcare

Schools, childcare and other educational establishments need to be a safe and pest free environment for children, students and staff.

The last thing you want are pests in your common areas and educational facilities, yet these environments are ideal for pests to thrive with ample food and nesting areas. Rodent, cockroach and ant problems are all too common in such environments. It’s important to keep these areas pest free to avoid the risk of potential disease transfer, but in providing pest control services, it’s also important to remember that there are plenty of small, inquisitive people often crawling around on the ground!

We will work with you to carry out treatments out of school hours and use products and control techniques that are safe for use in such sensitive environments.

Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Clubs

We all know pests have no place on your menu or in your food!

In this new social media world, restaurants are in the public eye 24/7. With review sites like Zomato and Urbanspoon becoming ever more popular, restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs are being tried, convicted and hung out to dry in the court of social media.

Rebel Pest has a crack team of restaurant and bar experts in your local area defending reputations from potential pest invasions.

Our solution for hospitality

For over 15 years, we’ve been protecting restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs and caterers in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley from pests. Drawing on our experience we apply our expert knowledge to assess the risk and develop a tailored solution for you that keeps pests off your menu.

Our understanding of Australia’s food legislation will ensure that our service enables you to comply with all legal obligations.

We work with you to develop a documented pest management plan for your business (your Pest Service Register). We can’t be there 24/7 so your staff need to be aware of their requirements – hygiene procedures are key to keeping your business pest free.

With every visit from Rebel Pest Professionals, you’ll receive a detailed report on observations, notes of treatment and recommended action. Keep this stored in your Rebel Pest Service Register, provided on your first service.

Industrial Premises

Multiple entry points make industrial sites inherently vulnerable to pests. This is a problem exacerbated by continuous deliveries and storage of merchandise, along with the frequent opening and closing of doors, as well as occasional structural defects.

By inspecting your site and reviewing your operations (and understanding your particular pest issues) we can provide robust control solutions tailored to your individual site, helping you keep pests out of your buildings and away from your site.

Local Governments

As a local council, we understand you have the responsibility for providing a safe, clean and enjoyable place for your community to live and work. The last thing you want are pests in your public areas and council facilities, yet these environments are ideal for pests to thrive with ample nesting areas and food.

To keep such areas pest free you need to have both pest control expertise and awareness around who uses the facilities and when, to ensure any pest treatments are applied safely.

At Rebel Pest Professional we have the pest control expertise and superior service attitude that allows us to work with you to keep your facilities pest free.

Mining Sites & Amenities

Mining sites present unique opportunities for pests. The presence of high density living areas make mine sites the ideal environment for pests and they thrive. Sites with large concentrations of staff and amenities attract rodents, cockroaches and ants. Birds can also create problems. Eliminating pests and the disease they carry is important to protect your employees. Rodents can damage electrical equipment, so can be a significant operational and safety issue.

With mine sites covering large areas and with a range of buildings to protect, you need a pest control partner with the skills to take a big picture view of pest control. Rebel Pest Professionals invests heavily in a highly experienced and knowledgeable team, skilled in dealing with pests in commercial and industrial situations. We understand that pests can cause havoc at a mine site if left untreated, so are ready to provide an urgent and effective treatment solution when called upon.

Office Spaces

At Rebel Pest Professionals, we can help you maintain a safe environment for your office staff and visitors, and minimise the spread of disease and germs from common pests that may cause related staff sick leave.

Pests in and around offices can cause great distress. They can also damage your office building, fittings and stock, with computer equipment, air conditioners, phone systems and network cables being particularly at risk from rodents and cockroaches.

We know offices and we know pests. Often the location and age of an office building will have an impact on the likelihood of a pest problem. If you need reliable maintenance services, a fast emergency response, training in pest protection for your employees or inspections by our expert technicians, then call Rebel Pest Professionals now.

Retail Stores

Multiple entry points and densely populated shopping areas make retail stores vulnerable to pests, a problem exacerbated by frequently opening doors or open shopfronts, continuous deliveries and storage areas full of hiding places for pests.

Pests in and around a retail store can damage your hard-earned reputation. They can also damage your stock, shop fittings and displays, with computer equipment and cabling being particularly at risk from rodents.

At Rebel Pest Professionals, our team of experts thoroughly understand the behaviours of pests, especially in and around shopping areas. Our discreet solutions are tailored specifically for your store to ensure the most effective commercial control all year round.

Food Retail Stores

We understand that you have to have a ‘zero tolerance’ for pests in food stores.

A supermarket or food store is no place for a pest. Any sign of pest activity can seriously harm your brand and public perception, and pose serious health risks in areas where fresh food is handled. It can also be a significant risk to your business if pest issues are picked up by the health inspector.

At Rebel Pest Professionals, we understand the importance of protecting a good brand, so we put in place a comprehensive pest management plan to protect your business.

Commercial pest control solutions for food retail stores
At Rebel Pest Professionals, all our expert Technicians are well experienced in servicing food-handling clients. Our years of knowledge of maintaining the levels of protection required by our clients means that our skills, expertise and solutions are of the highest standard.

We work with you to develop a documented pest management plan for your business (your Pest Service Register). We can’t be there 24/7 so your staff need to be aware of their requirements – hygiene procedures are key to keeping your business pest free.

With every visit from Rebel Pest Professionals, you’ll receive a detailed report on observations, notes of treatment and recommended action. Keep this stored in your Rebel Pest Service Register, provided on your first service.

Real Estate Agents & Strata Managers

Rebel Pest Professionals understands the sensitivity of a pest infestation in a tenanted property and the need for an urgent response and absolute discretion. Whether your real estate agency manages strata, commercial or residential properties, our pest experts can plan preventative treatments, helping to protect your clients’ investments.

We understand property managers aim to ensure profitability, asset preservation, and housing quality of their clients investments. We understand this role involves balancing often conflicting interests from owner to tenant.

Potential impact of a pest infestation

  • Complaints that can lead to rent reductions
  • Termination of leases
  • Compensation claims
  • Loss of good quality, on time paying tenants
  • Higher costs due to delayed pest control treatment
  • Inflated maintenance and repair costs to properties
  • Tarnished reputation of the landlord and property manager

Preventing undesirable house mates

Any pest infestation involving termites, spiders, cockroaches, rats, mice, fleas, bees and wasps severely tests relationships with tenants. Rent reductions can result, as the courts consider pest infestation to be a serious defect in rental properties. Generally speaking in NSW if you have pests at the end of lease/vacating you need to have a flea treatment carried out inside & out of the property. Otherwise General Pest treatments are at either the tenants or landlords discretion if they wish to do one – not compulsory either way.

Property managers need to act quickly at the first sign of a pest problem to prevent an infestation spreading throughout the property. Cockroaches and rodents can breed explosively, spreading to infest an entire property in no time at all.

Pests also pose a serious health and safety threat with the potential to transmit pathogenic germs to residents and cause extensive damage to equipment and buildings. Rodents gnawing on wires, for example, can short-circuit electrical systems.

Our team has decades of experience and are always local to you and your properties. We understand the need for urgency and are always on hand to provide pest services to you, your landlords and tenants, keeping everyone happy!

Don’t forget termite inspections!
Landlords often forget the need for annual termite inspections. As they have a significant investment, they need to protect it from termite attack, as termite damage is not covered by their insurance. Discounts apply to termite inspections carried out at the same time as end of lease treatments.

Hotels and Motels

We understand that your guests’ experience is top priority. An unwanted pest will certainly ruin that and could result in a negative social media review.

With over 25 years of experience in keeping pests out of hotels and motels, our discreet hotel pest control services will ensure that your guests are only the ‘human’ kind. Our range of solutions for hotels and motels will reduce the risk of encounters with unwanted pests, to keep your rooms available and protect your reputation.