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Professional Pest Control and Termite Services in Lemon Tree Passage

Rebel Pest Professionals provide a full range of pest control services to homeowners and businesses in Lemon Tree Passage.

We’re is locally owned family run business, servicing Newcastle and the Hunter Valley area for over 25 years. We service all the Port Stephens suburbs, including Lemon Tree Passage.

If you’re after personalised and trustworthy pest control services in Lemon Tree Passage and across the Port Stephens area, give Rebel Pest a call – The Bug Stops With Us!

Our Key Pest Control Services in Lemon Tree Passage

Many homeowners choose to have their homes professionally sprayed once a year to keep their homes free from crawling pests and insects such as cockroaches, spiders and ants. This general pest treatment is also known as a ‘spider spray’, but it is very effective on a wide range of pests, not just spiders. A popular option is to have a general pest treatment and annual termite inspection at the same time for added convenience and saving some money too!

Sometimes a specific pest can cause problems in a home, whether it’s the discovery of a wasp nest or recurring rodent issue. We offer professional specialist pest treatments for individual pest. Click on one of the pests pictured at the bottom of the page to find out more.

At Rebel Pest we also work with local businesses to keep their premises free from pests. We work collaboratively to develop a servicing and maintenance schedule that meets the needs of the business – this might be monthly for some, quarterly for others. We ensure businesses are compliant with government standards for health and safety, ensuring businesses in Lemon Tree Passage are safe and pest free.

Termite Inspection Lemon Tree Passage

Termites pose a significant risk to people’s homes because most homes use timber to form the supporting structure the building. But even for metal framed homes, termites can still get in and damage flooring and architraves. Having a professional termite inspection every year is a necessary step in minimising the risk termite of a termite attack. During a professional termite inspection our inspector will thoroughly check the property, looking for any indication that termites may have gained access. The inspection report will include photographs of the property and will note the findings. A number of recommendations will be made about how to further reduce the risk of termite attack, which will be explained with clear, actionable steps.

Termite Treatment Lemon Tree Passage

Keeping termites out of a home is not an easy task, as termites are by their very nature secretive, subterranean insects. When they gain access to a property, it is typically via the subfloor or through cracks or joins in the concrete slab – places that are dark and out of sight. The best way to minimise the possibility of termite entry is to have a termite treatment. The two most common termite treatments use a baiting/monitoring system or a soil treatment. With a baiting system, locked bait stations are placed at regular intervals around the property, which are discovered by foraging termites. With a soil treatment, a liquid termiticide is mixed into the soil around the property. Having a termite treatment is the most effective way to safeguard your investment against termite attack. With termites capable of causing significant damage to a home in just a few months, a termite treatment offers peace of mind.

Lemon Tree Passage – Key Pests

Lemon Tree Passage has a temperate climate, with pleasant warm summers and winters that rarely see temperatures in the single digits. This kind of climate, where temperatures are moderate and rainfall is good, is ideal for many pests to thrive. Although mild, winters are still the time rodents come inside looking for shelter, and they will happily nest in a cosy spot in the subfloor or attic (in the case of roof rats, which are excellent climbers). As the temperature increases in the springtime, spiders, ants and cockroaches become active, with populations at their highest during the warm summer months. Termites are different to other pests in that they cause financial damage to your property – they work tirelessly, year round, searching for need food sources and expanding their nests. Termites are the number one pest of concern for homeowners in Lemon Tree Passage.

Lemon Tree Passage – Key Facts


The origins of the town’s name remain a mystery. One theory is that early settlers found the area to be home to several lemon trees. Another theory suggests the town was named after the many native cheesebush plants, which closely resemble lemon trees.


The area is home to a large koala population. Tilligerry Habitat, a 9-hectare nature reserve, is one of the best local spots to see koalas in the wild.


The horror movie Lemon Tree Passage (2014) is based on a local urban legend. The legend states that driving at great speed down Lemon Tree Passage road will lead to the driver experiencing a supernatural phenomenon.

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