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How Much Does a Pest Treatment Cost?

When booking a pest control treatment, of course everyone asks, “How much does a pest treatment cost?” Like, anything, it depends. But the two big factors that influence the price of a pest service are the size of the property and the nature of the pest problem.

Let’s look at how the property type and size impacts the price of a general pest control treatment or the “pest spray”.

Residential Pest Control

When considering residential pest control treatments, it is best to consider houses and units separately as they are very different beasts.


The size of the house and property has a big impact on the price of a pest control treatment

Houses vary greatly in terms of size and construction type. Obviously the bigger the house, the more rooms there are to inspect and treat, and the exterior perimeter also tends to be longer.

Double storey homes present particular problems, as we have to be careful if we need to spray the 2nd storey. We can spray higher areas with our extension poles, but there has to be low wind conditions to prevent spray drift.

Of course, you can have houses on concrete slabs and houses on piers. Houses on piers have a sub-floor, which needs to be inspected and treated, so these houses typically take longer to treat, increasing the price.

Most houses have a roof void which needs to be treated, but if you have cathedral ceilings (which have no roof void) you will get a reduced price.

The amount of property surrounding the house can influence the price. For example, if the fences need spraying, clearly the length of fence has an impact on the time taken to treat the property. Similarly the number of additional items in the yard can impact costs – although we allow for a regular amount of play equipment, outdoor furniture, garden shed and pergola, if there is more than usual, for example large sheds, there may be an additional charge.

The number and size of sheds and other features on the property can also impact price


Like houses, the size of the unit does impact the price, but units are generally quick to treat as they are a lot smaller and there is no yard or exterior to treat.

For unit owners it is important to remember that pest control of the common areas is managed by the body corporate. Owners book their own pest treatment, but often it is organised through the body corporate, as if we can treat a number of units at the same time, owners will get the best price.

From a performance point of view, it is actually important to treat all the common areas and individual units, to keep on top of pest problems. With the common pipework within the building, cockroaches, ants and rodents can easily move between units, and so it is difficult to provide warranties if not all units are treated.

Pest Pressure / Type of Pest

The “pest spray” for residential pest treatments are more of a preventative pest treatment, protecting the homeowner from common pests – spiders, cockroaches and ants. It will kill any pests present and provide long lasting protection (for many months). However, if a home has a major infestation of a particular pest, it may require a specialist pest treatment. For example, a German cockroach infestation (the small annoying cockroaches that live in kitchens) will need the use of specific products and a more time-consuming inspection and application. It may also require a second service to inspect / top up the treatment.

German cockroach
Some pests, such as German cockroaches require a specialist pest control treatment

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control prices vary greatly, depending on the size of the property and nature of the business. Providing pest services to a restaurant is very different to providing pest control for office-based businesses. Commercial pest control generally requires regular servicing, the frequency of servicing is generally dictated by the type of business and the sensitivity of the business to pest issues. For example food management businesses and healthcare facilities, which must remain pest free, require more frequent servicing than office blocks.

The Experience and Quality of the Pest Service

Of course, the experience and quality of the pest control company you choose will also impact the price. Good companies, such as Rebel Pest Professionals, have experienced technicians and take time to discuss your needs and provide a comprehensive treatment. We also make sure our technicians have continuous training to ensure they have the latest knowledge and skills. We also have all the correct licenses and insurance to ensure our customers are protected.

Discussing pest control treatment with customer

Unfortunately, this is not always the case with some of the companies that seem to offer prices that are often “too good to be true”. When using a new company, always ask for their license and insurance (they are not allowed to refuse to share this with you). Asking how long the treatment will take will also give you an indication about the quality of the service. For example, a 4 bedroom home on a concrete slab, on a standard sized block should take up to 1.5 hours for one pest technician to complete.

So when asking how much a pest control treatment costs, especially if you are comparing prices, make sure you fully understand the details of the service being offered, so you compare “apples with apples”. At Rebel Pest Professionals, we’re more than happy to take you through our treatment process and answer any questions – you want to have the confidence that we can keep your home or business pest free, and do so safely!

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