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Rebel Pest – Your Local Pest Professionals in Cardiff, Newcastle

Rebel Pest Professionals is locally owned and operated, servicing Cardiff and surrounding suburbs in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle, as well as the Hunter Valley for over 25 years.

We deliver personalised and trustworthy pest control services to homes and businesses in Cardiff.

Our Key Pest Control Services in Cardiff

Ensure a pest-free haven with our annual pest treatment, also known as “Spider Spray”. By scheduling your termite inspection alongside this service, you can enjoy the convenience of two essential service in one! Not only does this combination save you valuable time, but it also offers significant cost savings compared to booking the services separately.

For more specific pest issues, we provide a comprehensive range of specialised pest control services. Whether you’re dealing with wasp nests or bed bugs, our experts are equipped to handle it all. Click on the pest of concern below to discover more.

Our excellence extends beyond residential properties. We are proud partners of numerous commercial establishments in Cardiff and Newcastle, including cafes, schools, restaurants, and retailers. Rest assured, we deliver transparent and accurate documentation, aiding businesses in fulfilling their legal obligations regarding pest control. Our servicing schedules are tailor-made to meet the unique requirements of each establishment.

Termite Inspections Cardiff

The relentless damage caused by termites can wreak havoc on your property in as little as six months. Safeguard your home with an annual termite inspection. Our diligent termite inspectors meticulously search your property for any signs of termite activity and promptly identify evidence of damage. Additionally, their comprehensive report highlights any structural flaws or conditions that could potentially attract termites, accompanied by suggestions to address these issues effectively.

Termite Treatments Cardiff

When it comes to termite protection, prevention is paramount. Installing a suitable termite protection system tailored to your home’s structure and condition is crucial. Our range of termite treatments includes soil treatments, where a termiticide is applied around the property, and monitoring/baiting systems that utilise bait stations inserted into the ground. Since termite damage isn’t covered by standard home insurance, investing in a termite protection system should be a top priority for all homeowners in Newcastle.

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Cardiff – Key Pests

Cardfiff, located on the east coast, boasts a delightful subtropical climate. Summers exude warmth and humidity, occasionally punctuated by intense heat and dry spells driven by north-westerly winds. As late autumn and early winter arrive, expect abundant rainfall, while the winters remain mild and relatively dry.

However, this climate creates the perfect conditions for pests to flourish. Termites remain active year-round, while cockroaches, ants, and spiders make their presence known from early spring until late autumn. Furthermore, rodents can become unwelcome guests during autumn and winter as they seek warmth and shelter indoors. Termites are undoubtedly the top pest of concern for homeowners due to extensive damage they can cause.

Homeowners should be aware of Schedorhinotermes, a termite species prevalent along the east coast. Notably, it forms “multi-nest” colonies, instead of a single, central nest. Controlling a Schedorhinotermes infestation can prove challenging, as it required eradicating or protecting against all the nests. As such, property owners in Cardiff are strongly advised to install a high performing termite protection system. This acts as a formidable barrier, intercepting any active termites in the vicinity. While the protection system provides a defense, an annual termite inspection remains essential to ensure its effectiveness and to detect any potential termite breaches.

Cardiff – Key Facts


Cardiff, located in the Newcastle region of New South Wales, has a rich mining heritage. The town played a significant role in the coal mining industry, with several collieries operating in the area. Cardiff’s history is intertwined with the coal industry, which fueled the region’s growth and development over the years.


One of the notable landmarks in Cardiff is the Cardiff North Public School. Built in 1878, it holds the distinction of being the oldest public school in the Newcastle region.The school’s historical significance and architectural charm make it an important cultural symbol in the community.


Cardiff offers ample recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. The town is home to the popular Cardiff Recreation Club, which features facilities for lawn bowls, tennis, and social gatherings. Additionally, nearby areas offer picturesque natural landscapes and outdoor activities, including bushwalking trails and scenic parks, providing a refreshing escape from urban life.

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CALL (02) 4956 8727
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