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Rebel Pest – Your Local Pest Professionals in Charlestown, Newcastle

Rebel Pest Professionals is locally owned and operated, servicing Charlestown and surrounding suburbs in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle, as well as the Hunter Valley for over 25 years.

We deliver personalised and trustworthy pest control services to homes and businesses in Charlestown.

Our Key Pest Control Services in Charlestown

Ensure a pest-free haven with our annual pest treatment, also known as “Spider Spray”. By scheduling your termite inspection alongside this service, you can enjoy the convenience of two essential services combined into one! This integrated approach not only saves you valuable time but also provides significant cost savings compared to booking the services separately.

For more specific pest issues, we offer a comprehensive range of specialised pest control services in Charlestown. Whether you’re dealing with wasp nests or bed bugs, our skilled professionals are equipped to handle any pest challenge. Click on the pest of concern below to explore our tailored solutions.

Our expertise extends beyond residential properties. We take pride in partnering with numerous commercial establishments in Charlestown and Newcastle, including cafes, schools, restaurants, and retailers. You can trust our team to provide transparent and accurate documentation, assisting businesses in meeting their legal obligations regarding pest control. We design customised servicing schedules to address the unique requirements of each establishment, ensuring effective pest management.

Termite Inspections Charlestown

The destructive impact of termites can cause severe damage to your property within six months. Protect your home with our annual termite inspection service in Charlestown. Our dedicated termite inspectors conduct thorough inspections, meticulously searching your property for any indications of termite activity. They identify evidence of damage and provide a detailed report that not only highlights any structural flaws they may allow concealed termite entry, but also identifies conditions that may attract termites. Our reports offers practical recommendations to effectively address these issues and prevent future infestations. With our comprehensive termite inspection, you stake the first step to safeguard your property and maintain its structural integrity.

Termite Treatments Charlestown

Effective termite protection is delivered by preventing termite attack. Installing a suitable termite protection system based on your home’s unique structure and condition is essential. A termite treatment may include a soil treatments, which involve the application of termiticide around the property, and/or a monitoring/baiting system that utilises strategically placed bait stations in the ground. As termite damage typically falls outside the coverage of standard home insurance policies, investing in a reliable termite protection system should be a priority decision for homeowners in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle. By taking proactive measures, you can safeguard your property from the devastating effects of termite infestations.

Charlestown – Key Pests

Charlestown has a subtropical climate. The summers bring warmth and humidity, occasionally accompanied by intense heat and dry spells carried by north-westerly winds. As late autumn and early winter roll in, plentiful rainfall can be expected, while the winters remain mild and relatively dry.

However, this favourable climate also creates ideal conditions for pests to thrive. Termites remain active throughout the year, while cockroaches, ants, and spiders make their presence known from early spring until late autumn. Additionally, rodents can become unwelcome intruders during autumn and winter as they seek warmth and shelter indoors. Among these pests, termites are particularly concerning for homeowners due to the extensive damage they can inflict.

It is important for homeowners in Charlestown to be aware of Schedorhinotermes, a prevalent termite species along the east coast. Notably, these termites form “multi-nest” colonies instead of a single central nest. Controlling an infestation of Schedorhinotermes can be challenging as it requires eradication or protection against all the nests. Property owners in Charlestown are strongly advised to install a high-performance termite protection system. This system acts as a “termite barrier”, intercepting any active termites in the vicinity. While the termite protection system provides the defence, an annual termite inspection remains essential to ensure its effectiveness and to detect any potential breaches by termites.

Charlestown – Key Facts


Charlestown is located near the historic Glenrock State Conservation Area.The conservation area offers opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and birdwatching, allowing residents of Charlestown to enjoy the beauty of nature right on their doorstep. (It also provides a plentiful supply of pests!)


Charlestown has a rich sporting culture and is known for its successful rugby league team, the Charlestown Bulldogs. The Bulldogs have a long-standing history in the region and have achieved numerous victories in local and regional competitions, contributing to the vibrant sports scene in the area.


Charlestown is home to one of the tallest residential buildings in Newcastle, known as “The Skyline.” This 20-story apartment complex offers stunning panoramic views of the city, coastline, and surrounding areas, making it a sought-after place to live for those seeking a high-rise lifestyle.

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CALL (02) 4956 8727
CALL (02) 4956 8727