Paper Wasps

Paper Wasps nests are a roundish honeycomb design and are off-white in colour, usually suspended in a quiet protected area. Their nests are generally located in tree branches and on buildings under awnings or eves. They will only sting when they feel that their nest is threatened or if disturbed when gardening.

Mud Wasps 

These are also black and yellow in colour and their nests are made of mud. Their mud tunnels can be found on buildings. They lay their eggs in their nests inside captured spiders and then they leave, allowing the new wasps to hatch with a ready food supply on hand.

European Wasps

Nests can be found in vents, building cavities, holes in trees, holes in the ground and even in ceilings of houses. European Wasps have a yellow body and legs and they have black triangular markings on their abdomen. They are larger than a bee and unlike a bee, each wasp can sting multiple times.

Never ever disturb these wasps, as they release a chemical which incites all members of the nest to vigorously defend the nest. People have died from inadvertently disturbing nests, or mistaking them for bees. Bees are slightly smaller than this wasp and not as yellow.

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