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Rebel Pest – Your Local Pest Professionals in Boolaroo

Based in Boolaroo, Rebel Pest Professionals is locally owned and operated, servicing Newcastle and the Hunter Valley area for over 25 years.

With our head office in Boolaroo we are ideally located to provide a rapid service to our customers in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. However, we our secondary office in Muswellbrook and our technicians based throughout the Hunter, we are always nearby for a “pest emergency”.

Our Key Pest Control Services in Boolaroo

Keeping your home free from unwanted pests is more straightforward than you might think – a general pest treatment once a year is generally all that’s needed. Many of our customers schedule their annual pest spray for springtime, just before crawling pests and spiders start to make an appearance. A spray treatment can be carried out right through until autumn.

As well as helping prevent pests from entering people’s homes, we are here to help when there is a ‘pest emergency’ too! If a particular pest is causing issues – maybe there’s a wasp nest in the garden or evidence of rodents in the kitchen – we are on hand to deliver fast, efficient pest control services. Click on one of the pests pictured below to read more about our specialised services.

Termite Inspections Boolaroo

When it comes to termites, prevention is always better than treatment. The first step to keeping potential termite damage to a minimum is to perform regular visual assessments of the property. Termite activity can be very difficult to spot to the untrained eye, so it’s worth knowing the signs of termite activity. However, having an annual termite inspection by a professional, qualified termite inspector is essential, as termites can cause major damage in as little as six months. Having a professional inspection once a year significantly reduces the potential damage termites can inflict if they gain access to your property, by not only spotting termite activity, but also identifying conditions and issues that may make a termite attack more likely.

Termite Treatments Boolaroo

The most effective way to keep termites out of a home is to carry out a preventative termite treatment. A termite treatment makes it difficult for termites to access the building via the soil. One option is to have a liquid soil treatment, which involves putting a termiticide into the soil around the perimeter of the property. Another option is to install a monitoring/baiting system, where lockable bait stations are placed in the ground at regular intervals around the property. Both options are discreet and effective at making it practically impossible for termites to gain access to the property without being noticed. A number of factors such as age of the building, climate and topography will determine which termite treatment is the best option for your home.

Boolaroo – Key Pests

Termites are always the number one pests for residents of Boolaroo due to the damage they can inflict on structural timbers within a home. Properties in eastern Boolaroo closest to areas of bushland will be at a higher risk of termite attack.

Crawling insects such as ants and cockroaches are active throughout the year, but warm, humid weather creates the ideal conditions for populations to explode. Wandering spiders such as huntsman and white-tailed spiders can be a problem in late summer when they can enter properties looking for shelter. European wasps are a health hazard due to their ability to inflict harmful stings on children and pets, so homeowners should be on the lookout for nests in late summer and autumn. Rodents are the key pest during the cooler autumn and winter months, when they nest in warm locations indoors.

Boolaroo – Key Facts


Boolaroo is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘place of many flies’.The Awabakal are the original custodians of the land.


In 1989, Boolaroo was the epicentre of one of Australia’s most serious natural disasters. Measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale, the 1989 Newcastle earthquake claimed the lives of 13 people and caused an estimated 4 billion dollars’ worth of damage.


Lake Cinema (main picture, above) is an independent, single-screen cinema located on Boolaroo’s Main Road.In March 2024 the cinema commemorated its 50th anniversary with a screening of Singin’ in the Rain, the first movie ever shown in the theatre.

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CALL (02) 4956 8727
CALL (02) 4956 8727