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Pest Control and Termite Services Huntlee

Rebel Pest Professionals is locally owned and operated, servicing Newcastle and the Hunter Valley for over 25 years.

We serve all the suburbs in the Cessnock Council areas, including Huntlee.

As a new suburb, Huntlee has some specific pest management issues, especially when it comes to termites. Our local knowledge and years of experience means we are the local experts you can trust to look after your home – The Bug Stops with Us!

Our key pest control services in Huntlee

Although Huntlee is a nice new suburb, there are still plenty of pests around! Most homeowners decide on a general pest control treatment (some call it a “spider spray”) once a year to keep their home free from the common crawling pests such as spiders, cockroaches and ants. As a country area, there are plenty of rodents around, which can become a problem in the cooler months, when they might try and get inside looking for food and shelter.

However, as most homeowners in Huntlee have made a significant investment in their home, protecting their home from termites is a top priority.

Termite Inspections Huntlee

Most homeowners in Huntlee will be very much aware about the termite threat as they will have had termite protection measures installed during the construction of their home. Of course to maintain any warranty on the termite protection system, annual termite inspection are required. However, termite inspections are not just about maintaining a warranty, they will check to make sure the system hasn’t be compromised, whether there are issues around the home that may make a termite attack more likely and of course whether there are any active termites on the property.

Most homeowners decide to combine their annual pest control treatment with their termite inspection for added convenience and a discount

Termite Treatments Huntlee

For new homes, as long as the original termite protection system was installed correctly and is still in good working order and there haven’t been any landscaping activities to compromise the system a termite treatment to the outside of the home is not always recommended. However, sometimes a termite treatment is required if landscaping or an extension has compromised the original system.

Termite protection systems are generally divided into two types: baiting systems and soil treatments. With a baiting system, termiticide rods are inserted into the ground in secure boxes, placed at regular intervals around the perimeter of the property. With soil treatments, the termiticide is applied to the soil around the property.

Termite Protection for New Homes and Renovations

If you looking to build new home or add an extension, building requirements require you to make sure the building is compliant with termite protection requirements. If you (or your builder) doesn’t get it right, it can mean the building certifier won’t approve the product and / or you may have termite problems down the track. Before you start your project give Rebel Pest Professionals a call for advice and a quote.

Huntlee Climate

Huntlee has warm to hot summers, with peak rainfall in the summer months, and cool but dry winters.
The warmer summer temperatures with added moisture create ideal pest conditions for spiders, termites and other insect pests. Pest pressure drops off in winter as the insect pest dry off, but rodents become a problem as they come inside looking for warmth and shelter.

Huntlee – Key Pests

Termites should always be considered the number one pest of concern for homeowners. With the plenty of surrounding bush, there are plenty of termite queens looking for a new place to set up home!

Crawling pests tend to be the biggest problem, especially spiders. ants and cockroaches. However, European wasps are present in the Hunter and can be a significant health threat and every now and then flys can get out of control.

ALthough out general pest treatment provides good protection from a range of pests, if you have a specific pest problem a specialist treatment may be required.

We also offer a range of commercial pest control services to businesses in the area. Normally we will tailor a regular pest service program to meet the specific needs of your business.

Huntlee – Key Facts


Huntlee is a master plan development in North Rothbury in the Hunter Valley, with a planned 20,000 homes over 3 villages.


Huntlee has easy access to Newcastle and Sydney via the M15 / M1 motorways and the nearby Branxton train station.


There are plenty of recreational opportunities with parks and bushland as part of the community and further options in the surrounding Hunter Valley.

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CALL (02) 4956 8727
CALL (02) 4956 8727