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Wood Borers

Wood Borer Treatment

Wood borer is a term that covers many types of wood-boring beetles, such as Auger, Jewel, Stag and Pinhole Borers. They are small insects that consume wood, creating extensive tunnels over the course of a few months or years, weakening the wood. If you have wood borers present in your property they can seriously weaken the structural timbers and safety of your property. Contact Rebel Pest Professionals for effective wood borer treatment solutions. We will make sure they’re removed from your property before they cause too much damage.

Signs of Wood Borer Infestation

Bore dust (also known as frass)

Caused by emerging adult beetles, usually visible below the infested timber.

Weak and damaged floorboards

You may notice weakened, squeaky floorboards. In extreme cases, a foot or chair leg going through the floor can indicate a serious wood borer problem.

Crumbling wood

Around the corners or edges of roof joists or floorboards.

Fresh exit holes in timber

Holes in furniture are caused by adult beetles as they fly out of the wood. They are small, round or oval-shaped holes with sharp edges about 1mm wide. They appear clean and fresh.

Dead beetles

Usually found near the infested timber or around nearby windowsills.

Adult beetles

Emerge from timbers between May and October.


Usually a creamy-white colour and curved in shape.

How To Prevent Wood Borer Infestation

Keep wooden furniture and doors dry

Wood borers are attracted to the moisture content in the wood, so try to keep wooden furniture and doors dry.

Seal cracks

Seal and varnish wooden floor and furniture to remove cracks and crevices.

Remove infected wood

Remove infected wood to stop the spread of the infestation.

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