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Professional Pest Control and Termite Services in Tanilba Bay

Rebel Pest Professionals is locally owned and operated, servicing Newcastle and the Hunter Valley area for over 25 years.

We service the wider Port Stephens area, including Tanilba Bay.

We deliver personalised and trustworthy pest control services to homes and businesses across the Port Stephens area.

Our Key Pest Control Services in Tanilba Bay

Termite inspections are one of our most sought-after services. It is recommended that every Australian home is professionally checked for signs of termite activity every 12 months (or more often in high risk areas).

Homeowners will often ask us, ‘What’s the best way to keep spiders, cockroaches and ants out of my house?” The answer is simple: for most customers, a general pest treatment performed once a year is all that’s needed. Many customers call this general pest treatment a ‘spider spray’, but it will take can of a wide range of pest insects as well as spiders. A general pest treatment can be scheduled at the same time as the annual termite inspection, saving customers time and money.

If a particular pest is causing a problem, we have a range of specialist treatments and professional products to manage any kind of situation. Click on a pest picture below to read more.

Termite Inspections Tanilba Bay

Having your home inspected each year for termites is a necessary precaution to protect your asset against significant termite damage. With the mild temperatures in Tanilba Bay they are active year round and can cause significant damage in as little as 6 months.

When you book a termite inspection with Rebel Pest Professionals, our inspector will thoroughly assess your property, looking for evidence that termites may be present. Termite species that attack Australian homes are subterranean termites, which are very secretive, that leave very little evidence of their presence. Our inspectors use their experience and detection equipment to pick up the subtle signs of termite activity. Our professional termite inspector will compile a comprehensive report, and if termite activity is found, recommendations for treatment will be made.

Termite Treatments Tanilba Bay

Having a home inspected for termites once a year is the first step towards minimising potential termite damage. However, to truly protect a home, a termite management system should be installed. Why? Because termites are constantly active in the soil, all year round, searching for new sources of food. A termite management system offers year-round protection, intercepting termites before entering the property.

The two most popular systems are baiting/monitoring systems and liquid soil treatments. The first involves placing termite bait inside locked bait stations and placing them at regular intervals around the perimeter of the property. The second involves treating the soil itself, mixing a termiticide with the soil to form a “termite barrier”. Both termite management systems are highly effective at keeping termites out of a home by making it almost impossible for termites to access the property without detection. The choice of system for your home depends on a number of factors, such as the age of the home, the construction type and method and environmental conditions. Installing a termite management system is the gold standard in termite defence for any Australian homeowner.

Tanilba Bay – Key Pests

Tanilba Bay has a pleasant climate, with sea breezes keeping temperatures in check in the height of summer and wintertime being cool without risk of frost. These steady temperatures together with decent rainfall make Tanilba Bay an ideal place for pests to live – especially termites. Termites are always the top pest of concern due to the threat they pose to people’s homes.

From early spring through till late autumn, cockroaches, spiders and ants are the key crawling pests to keep watch for, along with mosquitoes as the main flying insect pest. Mice and rats only become a problem in late autumn and winter, when the colder weather sees them seeking shelter in warm, cosy spots indoors.

Tanilba Bay – Key Facts


Tanilba is believed to mean ‘place of white flowers’, in reference to the white flannel flowers that used to grow in the area.

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Historic Tanilba House is the town’s main attraction.Built in 1837, the property is heritage listed along with several trees and plants from the original gardens. It is one of Australia’s oldest buildings.


The Tanilba Bay centenary gates were built in March 1931 to commemorate the arrival of the first European settler, Lieutenant William Caswell, in 1831. The bollards at the top of the ornamental stone gates are from HMAS Sydney, a military vessel that sunk a German cruiser in 1914.

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CALL (02) 4956 8727
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