Pest Control for Rental Properties

Pest Control for rental properties

The need for an end of lease pest control treatment, when tenants vacate a property, is a common requirement in rental agreements. However, it’s important not to forget that a landlord also has certain pest control responsibilities under the health…

How to avoid a termite attack

Watering systems next to the house are attractive to termites

How to prevent termites attacking your home… Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to preventing a termite attack! Finding termites eating your home can be expensive and an emotional draining experience. Far better for peace of…

European Wasps in the Hunter Valley

European wasp

European wasps are a dangerous invasive pest and although they are a “paper wasp”, they  are very different from our native Australian paper wasps. Where did European wasps come from and where do they live in Australia? European wasps, Vespula…

How Do Ant Baits Work?

Ant bait gel

Ants are annoying for homeowners and businesses! Whether they are invading your kitchen, digging up dirt between pavers or infesting lawns, it can be difficult to get rid of ants. The reason most DIY attempts at ant control fail, is…

Termite reticulation systems

Altis reticulation system recharge point

Termite reticulation systems – what are they and how do they work? What are termite reticulation systems? How do termite reticulation systems protect your home? And how often do you have to “top up” a termite reticulations system? The first…